Estern Tiger Swallowtail (caterpillar)


This caterpillar image is taken in fabuery month on a branch of small tree .This insect is male yellow,brown dark tiger strips .It have been breeding in spring season ,and cocoon starts to growing to be butterflies .
Tiger strips on each forewing females may be either yellow or black making them dimorphic .the yellow morph is similar to the male .


1.This image taken by Aniket .by microshot lens with mob camera.
2.This image have pixel dimension 3050*1717.
3.This image is clicked in mirzapur in fields of crop plant in fields.
4.This image colour contains brown red and blue white
5.This image caterpillar,butterflies,cocoon.
6.This image is edited by picsart app and snapseed app

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