Mango fruit origin

Mango fruit origin,
Mango friuts type
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In india many peoples like mango,mango greenish yellow type of fruits,that are growing in Summer season,we found mango tree any where in all of the india but specilly large number of mango tree found in north side of india,and some west side as like Maharastra, Maharashtra have a special growing hybrid mangos tree which a large amount of pulp and like sugarcane,in taste, Maharashtra is famous for HAPUS AAM these are special and it is selling in larger amount in rhe world,with high price ,in northan india Kanpur , Allahabad ,Varansi, Madhyapradesh,bihar, jharkhand these states and city have large amount of trees , specially in village area  special mangos was found in Northern India like LANGDA  DASHARI ,CHAUSA etc. 

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The mango tree is also known as Mangifera Indica in scientific name suggest this is native of south Asian, by eastern India and western and north india. 
This mango tree has been highly honored and exalted in its native land from time immemorial and today is considered for the best and most popular fruit catogery in the world.
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when the mango seed(kusli) is too big to be carried by water or wind, historians believe that Persian traders carried mango seeds with them to the In Asian countries.
mango fruit origin
 Also The popularity  is being mango spread north in the Americans in some years . Its found in USA in 1980s
There are more and more consumer are reaching to buy  variety of mango and also a big business acreoss the globe.
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There are lots of mango varieties across the worldbut like a few are marketed in the india Readand other countries more about the different Verity to see their unique characteristics and availability during the year.

Because mango is the kings of fruits ,We love this fruits.