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Currently, 2 people working on this platform, for maintenance of website and project management of this website.

Yes, you can join as contributor of this website, but you need a good skill that’s required for the platform,

Simply Email us:- [email protected]


There is lots of categories and mini categories and specific of your need. Simply brows all the links provided in navigation menu.

Yes, Instagrammer, photographers, videographers, cinematographers, designers, memer can join, If you are developer or UI/UX  designers please contacts us in our email.

Yes you can promote your contents as an advertiser or contributor, In advertiser we charge a little amount of money to promote your product or contents, if you are contributor we promote for free.



This is FAQ section here we solve a short problem of user regarding the short answer and questions. We are ensured to solve a problem of user in this section of page.

This website had a sole purpose of creating a wallpaper | image | photos platform for user. Here user can download share and free knowledge about photography. We are ensured to provide the best knowledge as well as free stuffs.

We are provided a photography related stuffs like Photo Gear, Tutorials, Tips and tricks, Latest trends blogs, Images and How to video etc.

Yes, you can download free stuffs provided and also download links.

Because this website has unique collection of images as well as photos for your projects, and clearly mentioned a copyrighted or copyright free.

Yes, We are working professionals from 1.5 years and also encourage to user to contribute to our plateform.

Yes,Copyright material only for some official wallpaper from Brands and companies,

But 90% of our contents are copyright free and free use to all.

No, We are DMCA verified that’s clarified to our contents follow the copyright rule.

We are working with provide content of Under creative Commons licence.

Our main motive of create this website for user oriented and free knowledge of photography. And also professional photographers images for free.

Yes, sure with as a contributor and associate member. Or if you have advertiser your contents we are take some little charges and provide great leads.

Nope, We are work with photographers, designers, videographers, cinematographers,

This website specially for photographers, if you are work as a contributor of this website, your contents will freely promoted on our website and social media handles.

We will warn you once after warning, we will take legal action.

We are concern about privacy of user, we are strictly followed privacy policies and make secure data of user.

Yes, You can contact us for content removal, if you are valid point about any contents within 24 hours removed all materials.