Top 15+ Instagram Latest trends apps download

Most of the time on social media you have seen trending posts and reels with transitions, collages, music effects, designs and illustration making the content going viral. To make your post as trending one use these apps and techniques.

These trends and transitions helps to increase your sales and promote your content to the targeted audience. Instagram provide lots of functionality and effects to upgrade your business page for greater interaction with people.

Top 15+ Instagram Latest trends apps download Guide provide you with the best techniques and apps to make your content trending.

  • Photo editing apps to enhance the quality of your photos with interesting effects and features.
  • Layout and design helps you to add interesting elements to make your post more engaging ad creative.
  • For Video tools, elevate how to capture, design and edit reels and videos.
  • For Audience engagement, analytics, and data, Instagram’s apps to track and monitor your content performance and interaction with your audience.
  • Even there are apps to create your Instagram stories too.

Instagram editing apps

1.CANVA (iOS and Android)

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Canva is a tool with many in-built, easy-to-use features to create engaging content that gets trending. You can create an amazing post without any prior non-tech and non-designing skills. Canva helps small business to get over their challenging obstacle of “Producing Engaging Content” and “Producing Content Consistently”

2. VSCO (iOS and Android)

VSCO photo editing app

Source: VSCO on Apple Store

VSCO is among the original and most popular photo-editing apps.It has wide range of tools to elevate your photo quality like contrast, saturation, grain, crop, screw and many more free preset filters to make your photos shooted on phones as the one captured in films. To upgrade more advanced preset filter and photo-editing tools upgrade to become a VSCO member. VSCO is trending on Instagram with around 200 million post featuring the #VSCO hashtag.

3. Avatan Photo Editor (iOS and Android)

Avatan Photo Editor

Source: Avatan Photo Editor on Apple Store.

It offers effects and filters to lay over your original photo to retouch and customized effects. It’s basic version is free although there are additional features and tools by making in-app purchases.

4. Snapseed (iOS and Android)

Snapseed JPG and RAW files photo editing app

Source: Snapseed on App Store

Here, you can work in JPG and RAW files used by professional photographers. Along with filtering photos with presets, it even allows editing photos by removing or adding any element, adjust the geometry of any object, curves to control brightness of your image and enhance the image with incredible precision.

5. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor (iOS and Android)

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Source: Adobe Lightroom on App Store

Adobe products and known for its powerful photo-editing capabilities and Adobe Lightroom is among them to enhance photos to a professional quality with special tools like adjusting the hue, saturation, exposure, shadows and more. Adobe Lightroom has a Discover section with interactive tutorials and edits by professionals and users to learn and grow.

6. A Color Story (iOS and Android)

A Color Story

Source: A Color Story on Google Play

This app adds colors in your photos pop with free editing filters, effects and presets designed by influencers and professionals for guiding the new ones. Even some advanced editing tools and Instagram grid planning preview help to ensure that your post grid looks unique and cohesive.

Instagram layout apps

7. Instagram Grid Hootsuite integration(IOS and Android)

Instagram grid layount design toold

Source: Hootsuite app directory

With this app, you can have a post a trending grid post of nine images directly from your Hootsuite dashboard. You can even schedule your grids in advance and publish them when your audience is most active and engage with your content.

Note: Instagram Grid currently only works with personal Instagram accounts. Business accounts are not supported in this.

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8. Layout From Instagram (iOS and Android)

Layout From Instagram photo editing app

Source: Layout From Instagram on App Store

Using this app, you can compile up to nine photos in various collage layouts with filters and other personalized elements after picking the photos from your library or shoot while using the apps-built-in photo booth and share the collage on Instagram with amazing content interaction.

9. AppForType (iOS and Android)

AppForType typography Instagram app

Source: AppForType on App Store

Best app for topography content lovers. AppForType has 60 font choices, designs, frames and collage templats for your post.Here, you can even merge photos of your own with text messages.

10. Grid and Square Maker (Android)

Grid and Square Maker

Source: Grid and Square Maker on Google Play

This app turns any photo into a grid, equally splitting into multiple squares while maintaining a high resolution on Instagram. It can be used for great anticipation over a big announcement. Grid and square maker also turns your photo in panoramic and cropped image to fit square format of Instagram’s layout.

Instagram video editing apps

11. Boomerang from Instagram (iOS and Android)

Boomerang video app

Source: Boomerang from Instagram on App Store

Boomerang simplest and easiest video- capturing Instagram app to create mini videos of 10 photos as GIF or by the use of front or rear-facing cameras to create short and funny videos.

12. InShot — Video Editor (iOS and Android)

InShot Video Editor

Source: InShot on App Store

Among the best Instagram apps for video editing. You can trim, cut, split, merge and crop video clips and make adjustments like brightness and saturation along with adding music to video as a key feature. It evens adjust your video as square for Instagram display.

13. Go Pro (iOS and Android)

GoPro app

Source: GoPro on App Store

If you shoot epic, outdoorsy video content for your Instagram, then using GoPro app makes your work much easier. Once the video is recorded or clear preview of the shot is done make edits like freezing your favorite frames, play with speed and transitions add color and enhance your shoot as a movie-frame.

14. Magisto Video Editor (iOS and Android)

Magisto Video Editor

Source: Magisto Video Editor on App Store

It is completely artificial intelligence-powered video tool to find the best, eye-catching part of your content into a video which resonates and grasps the audience along algorithms of edits, effects and transitions.

Instagram analytics apps

15. Hootsuite mobile app (iOS and Android)

Hootsuite app helps to track your content performance on social media and to observe the audience optimum time. It also makes it easier to monitor competitors content, hashtags and to share analytic reports and data specific to your brand’s goal. Scheduling the Instagram post for the future is also available.

17. Panoramiq Insights

Panoramiq Insights app

Source: Hootsuite app directory

Using Panoramiq insights by Synaptive along with Hootsuite gives detailed analytics like followers demographics, views, new followers, profile views and link clicks. It also manages to track analytics of two accounts and share the analytics report as spreadsheet or PDF file after exporting.

16. Trending Hashtags by StatStory (iOS and Android)

Trending Hashtags by StatStory

Source: Trending Hashtags by StatStory on App Store

This app supports your brand with popular hashtags. Its algorithm recommends you a mix of hashtags along with its popularity index on Instagram relevant to your content to reach a broad audience.

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