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Memes are always funny and humorous and easy to understand emotions of you,A meme is a behaviour of person that spreads from people to people. Examples of memes include humour, beliefs, fashions, stories, dialogues and phrases. … like as of behavioural of Internet memes include using Facebook and checking messages times a day.

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Beginning of meme in this world.

Meme word is derived from Ancient Greek word mimema (Imitate things.) The word meme originated with (Richard Dawkins‘ 1976 book The Selfish Gene.) Meme is basically used to fun and jokes and today world the memes are very popular and everywhere you’re scrolling on Internet. These are many formates like Photo video, GIFs and mimicry words etc.

Memes Marketing on the Internet

As in memes we are daily using memes GIFs in the out comment box, chats, messages and be a part of our life so marketers are used to target audience to sell their product and become viral in social media platforms,So meme marketing viral on these days and also marketing and advertisers target to social media memes pages as a influencer to advertise his products,

What is meme wallpapers?

As you seen on internet and many wallpapers apps a unique images and graphical made, and the words in the images are meme material, jokes, fun words or dialogues in the picture that are used for wallpaper to show friends how it is cool looks and respective to your mood.

Why memes is use in merchandise and coffee cups?

You have seen a daily life a coffee mugs and T-shirts and cloths, hats and a cover of books that’s a unique words Example “Bulati hai magar jane ka nahi” “sab moh maya hai” words on that, That’s are unique selling properties of this, YouTubers, bloggers and some photographers are also selling merchandise on its website and YouTube channel to make revenue, basically tie up with merchandise providers and sell the products and charge some commission on this.

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