This blog about a photography website this website contains photos pictures and information about this website.

This blog is created by Abhishek Singh in 11feb 2019 official launched.

This website has some features

1.This site has No copyrighted contents picture, videos and photos.

2.This site has royalty free photos picture and picture 100%original contents.

3.This website has a slide show in footer section.

4.This site has my popular picture contain and Description about it.

5.This website has many categories of photos like natural, landscape,portraits.

6 This site has contains professionally captured photos and some effects edited photos.

7.This site has some pictures captured by mobile camera smart phone and DSLR camera etc.

8.This site has some feature about advances booking of stock photos by, contacting, senior person support team by email, phone number.

9.This website has no adult content,or 18+ content.

10. Uploading this site any adult or 18+ content is restricted and visitor or by content creator or blocked by CAMHDR Senior,and strict action (prohibited) against the person



Mr. Abhishek singh is founder of camhdr photography and image selling company. He have 20 year old,and passionate about online marking business,sales services, he is a electrical ENGINEERING student at Agra,and also a Good photographer by passion, he is leaving in INDIAN in MIRZAPUR city utter pradesh ,He always search new things to capture and also be passionate about new things.I have a youtube channel https://youtu.be/LO6cN5bpWZM  visit and see lots more about Image editing tutorials.

Business Email [email protected]
Mobile no. =+917068482741
Instagram =https://www.instagram.com/p/BwMcAQzhRcS/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1fvlun0uucihv


Mr.shyam kumar verma is basically support partner of Camhdr team.he is also a electrical engineering at Agra.he is good at sales and marketing and also be a fashion blogger. He is belongs to BALLIA utter pradesh. Currently living at delhi.he is also a good photographer capture the best moments and shots,he is like model photo shoot etc.


Mr. Aniket vishwarakarma is a best friend of abhishek singh and also be classmate, coworker and co founder of camhdr team. He is also from MIRZAPUR UTTER PRADESH and currently living at SONEBHADRA,Robertson. He is Mechanical engineer and attractive person.he is also good photographer and natural loving,traveler etc.